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Baby Leaf


Seed multiplication service, production and marketing.

Agripolis Sp. z o.o. (Plant Seeds Ltd. Group) is a company specialized in seed multiplication service and seed trade based on own and our partners seed production, mainly in the vegetable, herb and flower seeds. On request we offer also a multiplication of vegetable breeding materials.

The company also develops its business in other areas offering a wide assortment of seeds for sprouting, baby leaf, micro greens, herbs to be grown in containers as well as melliferous and wild plant seeds.


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All the time we are looking for the best quality and good prices of seeds, so we located our production in the most adapted areas for seed quality. Our seed plantation are located in Western Europe (France, Italy, Spain), East-Central Europe (Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Moldova and Balkans area) and Asia (China, India).


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Every year we produce and deliver seeds to customers from Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Denmark, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia.

 In cooperation with the plant breeders we offer also selected vegetable cultivars for the professional market.


For the hobby market we offer small bags with vegetable, flower and herb seeds, also in on-line shop, under our own brand - "FLORI". It is a brand of Agripilis Sp. z o.o. which includes products intended for individual customers on the hobby market. Currently, it includes moulds for fruit and vegetables as well as the "YOUR HERBAL GARDEN" series with a herb and medicinal plant seeds. Further series in the same style with even more flower and vegetable seeds are planned to be marketed. Seeds are packed in retro-styled small bags decorated with reprints of hand-drawn illustrations.

"YOUR HERBAL GARDEN" is an exclusive series of bags containing 40 herb and medicinal plant seeds. The species have been appropriately selected taking into consideration their therapeutic properties and flavour values so as to fulfil the needs of each and every customer. Bags are designed in a retro style and illustrations reprints of which are placed on bags are hand-drawn and made especially for this series. The product will be marketed in a number of countries, therefore bags are available in 12 language versions (English, Spanish, German, French, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, Italian and Arabic).



Moulds for vegetables and fruit are another new product offered by Agripolis Sp. z o.o. under the FLORI brand. This product provides vegetables and fruit with fantastic shapes; moreover its availability in numerous places allows for matching them to various types of vegetables and fruit (tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, pears, lemons and others).




The high level of seed quality is guaranteed by the big experience of our growers, partners and workers responsible for strict field inspection and certification. For seed processing we use the modern and functional equipment and specialized personnel. Before being packaged and put on sale, our seeds are control in laboratory tests to check purity and germination based on ISTA rules. 

For our customer we offer also a seed seed quality tests: seed germination (energy and germination capacity), seed vigour (evaluation of germination rate and germination uniformity), seed viability (TTC test), seed health (colonization by fungi), seed microbiological quality (test of seeds for sprouting).


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All time Agripolis Sp. z o.o. develop the activity on the market and looking for not only for new customers but also for a partners (seed growers and companies) interested in seed multiplication for us and also a collertors of wild plant seeds.

We invite you to cooperation!

Seed treatment service

In the collaboration with our partner we offer also a seed treatment service for agricultural and horticultural species. We offer the seed coating, pelleting and taping in water soluble foil (PVA - polyvinyl alcohol). We supply also the sowing machines using the seed tapes.







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